Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun shines from the horizon and most of us in the neighborhood are busy preparing for our appointment because most of us are in Sunday day off except to those who work in the peace and order and in the medical profession. I saw people in the street walking to every direction, some are in uniform, some in worship outfit others are in tuxedo and casual attire and some are still in sleeping pajamas. I heard some talking, shouting, laughing and some music. I saw cars in different size, models and colors passing by the street to and from our community. To me this days is perfect no violence, no commotion and no celebrations happening inside the community. As we prepare ourselves to church for the mass. But in my way, I could feel the pressure of being discriminated by the public for being a person with deficiency in eyesight being ridiculed and at the same time abused. Sometimes I tried to ignore it by thinking that it’s not me whom they are talking to or talking about, but there are times that I really can't tolerate the pain that hurt my heart most especially when they are making fun of it for entertainment. I don't deserve this I cried with my heart blaming my existence. Living with inferiority complex is living a life full of fantasy, to fantasize a life so normal that no humility in life to encounter every hour from waking in the morning until the night when asleep, even in dreams, still this fantasy occur; how does it feel to become normal or how will I look like until, I realized that it was just a dream that never to become true in my whole life. But I shouldn't be affected heavily by this, I should strive harder to accommodate all this humility with no effect to my life to think like a normal one think and do what a normal one can do and enjoy what a normal one enjoy thank you for reading God Bless Us All.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Two friends a Chinese in the name of Mr. Chan and his Filipino friend Mr. Juan met to a waiting area of the school they sent their sons. As usual they greeted each other and engage in a conversation of a long time no see friends covering the topics about their family’s friend’s favorites and situations in life. Normally Mr. Chan is a well known business man being a Chinese while Mr. Juan being a Filipino was popular from being self reliance. Then comes the time when the class is finished from that day that their sons are approaching and as their sons arrived at the place where they are waiting, Mr. Juan immediately reach for the bag of his son, the same with Mr. Chan to his son. But as they part their ways Mr. Juan introduced his son to Mr. Chan bragging for his son's high score and grades to his class and also did by Mr. Chan introducing his son to Mr. Juan admitting that his son has low grades in his classes but at least he passed his grades. Now, because of his sons brilliance in his classes Mr. Juan proudly advised his son in a little bit loud voice to be heard by Mr. Chan saying "son study hard so that when you graduate from college with honors you will be hired by a top well known big company ",surely Mr. Chan heard what Mr. Juan said to his son so he also said to his son “son learn hard in school so that when you graduate from college you will know how to establish that top well known big company" and so there it goes the truth that followed. Now the lesson learned in this story was to be very careful to what kind of advise we are going to share to our children because it would become a print out for them to follow in the future, as we see in this story the implication of two different mindset. One advised his son to study hard just to work while the other advised his son to learn hard to make a work that definitely doesn’t need his presence. In this case it seems its better to learn from Mr. Chan and his fellow Chinese businessmen, to copy their way of thinking and of doing. So that in the future to come our children won’t rely on chasing a work one after the other but to learn how to make money not from their sweet and blood but to make money from their money that works. This is all that I can share thank you for reading, God Bless us all.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


One morning in a bright sunny day, in my way to the grocery store I passed by number of people waiting for their ride going up and others are going down the city. I saw kindergarten children, grade school pupils, high school and college student of different schools from their uniforms among them. Also waiting are adults going for work or elsewhere. Upon entering the store I noticed a young girl approaching down the road carrying a sack but I did not mind it as I went on to buy my needs. Then in my way back I reached her on her way as she walks slowly looking for recyclable waste left along the road. She is pretty with dark complexion and a bit malnourished by her size and age. In my mind she is supposed to be in school not at this situation so I feel a little hate to her parents. Slowly I walk alongside the road with her asking information about her that she readily gave. She was the third in the family of six, her older brother and sister are not studying, and her younger brother and sister are in grades one and two.  Her youngest brother who was still two years old was carried by her mother in sorting out garbage at the shop she works. Her father left them a year ago and he did not come back so she was forced to help her mother in finding ways to provide for their needs. With petty I felt for her I offered my store to buy her collection since I am in a business of that kind at that time nearby with a special price for her because the two kilometer upward road to where she sells her collection is a torment I can not imagine for her age of ten. And she accepted it promising me next time but maybe out of her young mind or other unknown reason she never came until I closed my shop venturing for another business. Then one afternoon after some years that passed, on board a passenger jeep going up to town, the weather is bad raining lightly, we meet a young lady hurriedly walking down the highway carrying a sack full of recyclable materials. Wet and seemingly singing on her way down by the movement of her mouth that I could see as we crossed our way and I recognized her to be the young girl I meet before! Suddenly upon recollecting her story feeling a mist that formed into my eyes, I shouted with my heart in my mind, my god how I can help her!!Then a thought came to me to alight from the jeep I rode to help her, but it sounds a crazy Idea because after all I am still a stranger to her. I have nothing to help her in my situation at that time, and the only thing that I could do for her was to pray for her, asking god to protect her, guide her and bless her so that in the years to come she will live fully contented and her dreams fulfilled and I will also be very happy with her from a distance. Thank you for reading and God Bless Us All!!